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Monday, March 22, 2010

Undisputable Best e4-Rover Mars Challenge Client

Well, except for the fact I don't qualify for the challenge because I'm a Foundation Staff member, I would say the contest is over.

If you activate Chuck Norris mode in my client, the rover collects all the RFID tokens, beats them into submission, and then runs back and forth over them building a score of Infinity - twice in one turn.

Can you do better? See Lynn for a key and information on how to participate.

- Don

Thursday, March 18, 2010

e4-Rover Challenge - So Simple, even an MBA Can Play

Wow. I was just part of a beta test of next weeks e4-Rover Challenge at EclipseCon, and this is pretty cool stuff. The NASA and e4 teams have clearly been working hard on this. I suspect it's going to become a major distraction for a lot of people next week.

Here's the best part - if I can do it - I can only imagine what you can do with it. And I'm not just talking about getting the instructions and doing a basic run around. I was just hacking around e4 for the first time, adding new controls, writing a lag management API (lag is part of the game, remember - you're controlling something on Mars!) Impressive stuff all around.

Now, where did I put that Prolog-Java code I once had, and can I hook it up to the telemetry API...

Hmmmm, I'm thinking I might not be eligible for the Grand Prize trip to NASA JPL, but it would still be good to teach the whippersnappers a thing or two...

- Don

Monday, March 15, 2010

EclipseCon Trivia

I wish I was able to pull off Kim's excellent "Committer Collector Cards" idea in time for EclipseCon this year, but alas, it was not meant to be. Hopefully with some extra lead time and agreeable committers to share their likeness, we'll see something in that vein for EclipseCon 2011.

We do have what I think will be an interesting social game again this year - EclipseCon Trivia. A few starter cards will be part of your registration packet, and more become available through the week at lunch, through sponsors, and just having a bit of luck. Trade cards with others to complete sets (Color or Category) and enter to win some cool prizes.

Most questions were designed to make it difficult to find in a search engine, so hopefully you're not bashful about asking around. Prizes include Android devices from both Google and Motorola as well as Blackberrys from RIM and an XBox from Microsoft. For those willing to go the extra mile, there's a full conference pass for EclipseCon 2011 up for grabs.

Full details can be found here.

- Don

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Eclipse RoadMap v5 for Review

Version 5 of the Eclipse Roadmap is ready for community review and feedback. It is currently scheduled to be discussed and approved at the March 22nd board meeting in Santa Clara. Please feel free to send any feedback via email, my first.last at

- Don

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Are you ready for EclipseCon?

I've noticed an increase in chatter on the #eclipsecon tag on twitter about people getting prepped and ready. We're experiencing our usual late surge in registrations that come in from sponsors and straggling co-speakers who finally have the chance to complete their registrations and make travel arrangements. Here are a few reminders for those of you just pulling things together:
  • EclipseCon is four days. Four *full* days. There is a programming contest kick-off at 8:15am Monday, and the closing plenary goes until 5:45pm on Thursday. If you coast in late Monday and leave Early Thursday, you're going to miss a lot of cool stuff.
  • There's only a couple dozen rooms available on the peak nights of the conference at the conference hotel (Hyatt Santa Clara). Moreover, the room block is now open to the public, so it will certainly sell out -- act now, we can't help you after it's sold out. If you're looking for a purely economy room and OK with commuting after the long busy days, the Biltmore and Holiday Inn are popular choices.
  • There is a Taxi/Ride share wiki set up for those of you looking for a lift.
  • No matter what Oisin has made you do the night before, get up for the keynotes - lots of coffee will be served, I promise. The future of the Java Community, Eclipse and NASA, and the incredibly popular Uncle Bob teaching us how and when to say "NO" professionally are things you won't want to miss.
  • Take some time for the activities. We're sure you're going to want to attend every single session - but you'll notice a lot of 25 minute sessions that you can use to take a break if something doesn't catch your fancy. Play some of the conference games (TBA), visit some of our sponsors, and socialize with your peers. For those of you looking for the complete experience, your days will start very early with the EclipseCon Exercise group!

- Don