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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

EclipseCon Keynote #1 - "The Java Renaissance"

I'm pleased to announce the first of three EclipseCon keynotes this year called "The Java Renaissance".

I'm personally glad to see the investment in the Java SE platform growing again, and we asked technical leaders John Duimovich (Java CTO and distinguished engineer at IBM) and Mark Reinhold (chief architect of the Java Platform group at Oracle) to come and speak about OpenJDK and some of the upcoming plans for technical innovation.

- Don

Thursday, January 13, 2011

EclipseCon 2011 Tentative Program Posted!

For those of you who check on every day (and I mean, who doesn't) - you may have noticed the program has quietly appeared in increments over the past couple weeks. There are still a lot of tweaks to make, a couple more rooms to put into play and the evening schedule is still being fleshed out. But the bulk of the program is there to explore, and you should do so!

We still haven't notified speakers formally of the dates and times, because we are still making major changes and don't want people to get too tied to a particular time. If you are a speaker, you should still be prepared for your talk time to change. We'll set this schedule in stone around the first week of February.

If you have any feedback, please do send us a note or comment here!

- Don

Monday, January 10, 2011

Eclipse 2011 Board Elections

Nominations are now open for the 2011 Eclipse board members. Members are elected to represent both the Sustaining (Solutions and Enterprise) Members and Committers.

The final number of representatives depends on the number of Strategic Members as of February 1st this year, but it appears as though there will likely once again be three of each kind of board representative elected.

Nominations must be received by January 28th, 2011. For more information, see the Eclipse 2011 Board Elections page.

- Don