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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My First BlackBerry App

Kudos to the BlackBerry team and their support of EclipseCon this year. I was able to break free this afternoon and write my first BlackBerry app -- and you'll see that the app is of an incredibly important function -- voting for the best Eclipse Foundation Bobblehead.

Lynn won in a landslide.

- Don

Microsoft Supernova

Read the details from Sam's Keynote from Sam himself here.

Money quotes:

On Higgins: "We share a commitment to building a user-centric, privacy-preserving, secure, easy-to-use identity layer for the Internet."

On SWT: "We’re committing to improve this technology with direct support from our engineering teams and the Open Source Software Lab, with the goal of a first-class authoring experience for Java developers."

On the future - "There will be more to come from the conversations that Eclipse and Microsoft have begun."

- Don

And the Special Guest Speaker Is......

...none other than our very own Steve Northover, father of SWT. Apparently there is confusion over if it was real Steve Northover or Fake Steve Northover, but either way it is cool.

- Don

EclipseCon - My Head is THIS BIG!

Ralph is right! I am incredibly happy with EclipseCon. Tuesday always blasts off with an upbeat trajectory bringing us into Wednesday "moving day" where lots of really cool stuff is going to get done in all the nooks and crannies of the conference.

Kudos to Genuitec for their imaginative promotions this year -- the bobble heads were a really neat idea and their Monopoly game was also very clever and built nicely on the EclipseCon spirit of "meeting people you otherwise would not".

BTW - If you're reading this email before the Microsoft Keynote this morning, you won't want to miss it - grab a seat now in the front row. I've heard rumors that a guest speaker has been added to join Sam Ramji during his talk, and you won't believe who it is....

- Don

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fake Steve Uncensored -- EclipseCon Keynote

Dan Lyons (aka Fake Steve Jobs) rocked EclipseCon in his opening keynote this morning - the satire and humor kicked off what will be a very busy and intense week.

Dan mentioned there were a few slides that he yanked because they were a bit on the edge. Blame me if you wish. Curious as to what they were? Here are links -- please only follow if you have a wicked sense of humor and understand satire.

Regarding my management style

Bam! Borg makes Yahoo its bitch.


Get on your feet!

Microhoo merger images keep pouring in

Yahoo: Borg deal is "frosting on a double-layer suck cake."

- Don

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mike and Janet -- Doing the Impossible!

Mike (with loads of help from Janet) did something today that they teach in Business School to be impossible.

I've spent the last 6 months openly mocking Mike (and to a lesser degree Janet) mercilessly about their efforts -- and yet it paid off, they achieved a goal I was taught to be impossible.

I was wrong. In honor of their efforts, I made a $200 donation to the Canadian Cancer Society this morning and will be taking the Ottawa Foundation office out for beers on the next available opportunity.

Have no clue what I'm talking about? Dying to know? Donate $75 or more to the Canadian Cancer Society, email me your e-receipt and I'll personally phone and tell you.

- Don

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This blog post has nothing to do with EclipseCon or E4.

Just a heads up for those of you who don't follow the Phoenix Project mailing list every day - you will notice as of this morning a new 200x200 slot on the right nav of Eclipse.Org dedicated to promoting the Strategic Members of the Eclipse Foundation. You'll also see Ecosystem content served by Google Ads and over time Foundation programs may also appear there. Content is served completely at Random and if you're trying to figure out more about it, read about it on the Special Programs page.

- Don

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

JBoss Goes GOLD at EclipseCon

If you've been to recently, you may have noticed we have a new Gold Sponsor - JBoss!

JBoss grabbed the last of the pedestals and the Exhibit Hall was officially sold out as of last week.

In addition to some pretty neat give aways for the Tuesday night reception (you'll have to show up to see, but you'll want to be one of the first 300 people in attendance to get one), JBoss is also donating this very cool dual boot Linux/WinXP laptop as a prize for one of the conference activities!

Very cool, thank you JBoss!

EclipseCon 2008

- Don