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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Day for Early EclipseCon Registration

Today is the last day to register for EclipseCon at the early registration rates. If you've already submitted a talk to EclipseCon through our submission system, you can sit pat for a couple more weeks -- but the rest of you need to register now to get the best possible price.


Happy New Years!

- Don

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Sucker for a Catchy Title

Whoa. Talk about moxie - Dan Martens' EclipseCon proposal "The Coalition Against EMF" looks like an interesting one. Nothing like trying to knock a group off their wheelhouse to get a bit of attention and humor into the conference. Good luck with this one ;)

I've always been a sucker for a catchy or controversial title. Here are a couple of other submissions that caught my eye:
"So you think you can build" - Kim Moir.
"Deploy your own Eclipse Spyware" - Philippe Marschall.
"Your Eclipse Project Website Doesn't Suck (Anymore)" - Denis Roy.
"Modeling Project Runway 2010" - Kenn Hussey.
"Gogo Gadget Config Admin!" - Derek Baum.
"Surely, you can't be tracing?!?" "I AM tracing... and don't call me Shirley." - Francois Chouinard.
"The Stupidity Beyond" - Sven Efftinge, Jan Koehnlein

Think you can do better? There is barely 24 hours left to submit your talk. You now know what you're up against for catchy title, check out some of the early-bird selections to see what you're up against for quality talks.

- Don

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

EclipseCon 2010 Early Bird Program Selections

On behalf of the EclipseCon 2010 Program Committee, I'd like to announce the winners chosen earlier this week from all the "Early Bird" Submissions. That is, the top picks from those submitted more than 1 week in advance.

The deadline for submissions is this Friday -- so submit your talks now!

These picks are already accepted to be part of the program, and are a great representatives of the different topics and styles that the Program Committee is striving for this year. Congratulations to those chosen!

Program Committee Top
Five SIX Early Bird Picks:

Eclipse to the Rescue - Case Study of Eclipse Technology in Emergency Management
Extended Talk (50 min)

Programming for Lego Mindstorms using Eclipse to take you back to your childhood!
Lightning Talk (12 min)

The good, the bad and the ugly: Eclipse Bugs and how to increase your chance getting heard
Standard Talk (25 min)

Xtext meets e4: Developing an editor for the e4 workbench model
Tutorial (120 min)

Modular Architecture from Top to Bottom
Tutorial (120 min), OSGi DevCon

A world-class Linux IDE: how do we get there from here?
Extended Talk (50 min)

- Don

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

You know who you are...

Scott Rosenbaum sent the EclipseCon program committee a BIRT graph of the submissions over time for past EclipseCon's. I summarize it for you below in GraphJam format. You know who you are -- submit now, deadline is Friday...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Deadline looming for EclipseCon Submisions

The December 18th deadline is looming - so get your talks submitted ASAP. Don't wait, go do it now!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Sonatype Goes Gold at EclipseCon!

As you can tell from previous posts, the EclipseCon 2010 team had a busy day on Friday as our first three Gold Sponsors fell into place. Sonatype joins Oracle and IBM as our third Gold Sponsor.

I'm looking forward to some hands on Maven at EclipseCon this year from Maven's very own maven maven - JVZ.

Thank you Sonatype!

- Don

IBM Goes Gold at EclipseCon!

EclipseCon 2010 will mark the 6th consecutive year that IBM is a Gold Sponsor. We can't thank our gold sponsors enough, especially those that return year after year, providing a degree of certainty in a difficult-to-predict business. Given that EclipseCon is a full four day conference (while most other industry conferences are two or three), it's always good to have this predictability to manage the cost risks associated with a longer event.

Thanks IBM!

- Don

Oracle goes gold at EclipseCon!

Oracle has confirmed a Gold Sponsorship at EclipseCon 2010! Not only will they be Gold Sponsors, but they are also going to make sure the Member and Committer reception is top-notch again this year by sponsoring it.

I'm hoping the Gemini Project is going to get a top billing from the Oracle team this year.

Thank you Oracle!

- Don

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Eclipse In the Large Webinar

Over the last few years I've met some IT departments with some pretty extensive Eclipse deployments. I'm not talking 50 or 100 developers, I'm talking thousands -- tens of thousands in fact. That's scaling out! Moreover, in these environments it's inevitable that more than a few of those pesky eclipse users are going to push the boundaries by working with tens of thousands of source files and integrate hundreds of plug ins. That's scaling up!

We have folks from Cisco, Morgan Stanley and eBay lined up to help share some of their 'experiences from the trenches' scaling Eclipse environments up, and out. If this is an interesting topic to you, you should sign up ASAP.

- Don