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Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Sucker for a Catchy Title

Whoa. Talk about moxie - Dan Martens' EclipseCon proposal "The Coalition Against EMF" looks like an interesting one. Nothing like trying to knock a group off their wheelhouse to get a bit of attention and humor into the conference. Good luck with this one ;)

I've always been a sucker for a catchy or controversial title. Here are a couple of other submissions that caught my eye:
"So you think you can build" - Kim Moir.
"Deploy your own Eclipse Spyware" - Philippe Marschall.
"Your Eclipse Project Website Doesn't Suck (Anymore)" - Denis Roy.
"Modeling Project Runway 2010" - Kenn Hussey.
"Gogo Gadget Config Admin!" - Derek Baum.
"Surely, you can't be tracing?!?" "I AM tracing... and don't call me Shirley." - Francois Chouinard.
"The Stupidity Beyond" - Sven Efftinge, Jan Koehnlein

Think you can do better? There is barely 24 hours left to submit your talk. You now know what you're up against for catchy title, check out some of the early-bird selections to see what you're up against for quality talks.

- Don


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