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Monday, November 09, 2009

What Oisin Said (about EclipseCon 2010)

Here is a great blog from Oisin last week about EclipseCon 2010. If you haven't read it yet, you should.

He hits on some very cool points like the call for submissions being open, and some changes to the layout and format of the 2010 program. I love working with Oisin - knowing where you stand at all times + tact + wicked humor = a positive experience. The EclipseCon crowd are definitely in great hands, yet again.

I've spent the last week diving into all-things-eclipsecon, including a pilgrimage to visit the various folks in Portland and am thrilled with some of the improvements planned for this year. Definitely what Oisin said - but here's some things other tidbits too:
  • Attendees are going to be able to attend more tutorials this year. Last year you could attend at most 2. This year you'll be able to go to 4. That's because there's less parallelism, and more time to the conference (insert multi-core joke here). More hands on = goodness.
  • More "unconference" content - instead of 4 BOF sessions like last year, attendees will be able to hit 6 unstructured sessions. There's some creative ideas on how to use that extra time this year - stay tuned.
  • There is a drive by the program committee to make speakers more concise. Oisin knows that attendees don't just want more content, they want more GREAT content. So he's been cracking the whip on the program committee to ask our speakers to be more concise. Being more concise will hopefully reduce fluff and allow more great talks to make the program.
  • The Sponsorship and Exhibits area is going to be a bit different this year as well. More details on that later this week, but basically we're doing away with the 'destination exhibit area' and integrating it more into the event - ESE style.

- Don


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