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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Eclipse Weather Forecast

At an event late last year I ran into a few folks from the LinuxFoundation who told me about their "Linux Weather Forecast". The Linux Weather Forecast is a way to try to capture at a high level some of the major activities and directions of the Linux ecosystem. Given how fluid and dynamic things are, "weather forecast" is a great metaphore. It doesn't need to be written in military precision terminology, can be updated on the fly, yet gives a pretty good synopsis of weather or not you should bring an umberella to work or not.

Hence, we've launched an Eclipse Weather Forecast. The goal is to present some high level information that provides a good synopisis of what's evolving in our own ecosystem. It's meant for both technical and buisness decision makers as a one stop spot to get a feeling of what the new trends are. The forecast will be update periodically as conditions warrant -- and definitely around major/minor release milestones.

Please send and feedback and suggestions to

- Don


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