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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Save the Dates - Upcoming Eclipse Membership Meetings

As the summer holiday season winds down it's time to start planning fall schedules in earnest. Therefore, I wanted to make sure we got on people's calendars ASAP! The membership was pretty clear that these meetings are important but we need to try to line them up with other activities to make travel justification easier - so we've worked hard to that end. Read on!

We're holding an Eclipse New Member Jumpstart and Membership Meeting on Monday, October 27th in Reston VA. These meetings are conveniently located at the same venue and just prior to EclipseWorld 2008. If you’re going to EclipseWorld, definitely plan on arriving early to attend these meetings for an opportunity to keep ahead of all the happenings in our Ecosystem. And if you're looking for more justification to your Management to go to EclipseWorld, let them know you plan to attend the Members Meeting just prior.

Also, we will be holding our first ever Members Meting and Jumpstart in Europe on November 17th in Ludwigsburg, Germany. These meetings are conveniently located at the same venue and just prior to Eclipse Summit Europe. I hope we have a really strong turn out and strong involvement so we can make this an annual meeting. Given all the new members coming from Europe, I have no doubts it will be. Again, the correlation with ESE will hopefully help justify the trip and vice versa.

Full details on agenda, participation and how to RSVP for the Members Meeting will be emailed later in September.

- Don


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