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Thursday, March 18, 2010

e4-Rover Challenge - So Simple, even an MBA Can Play

Wow. I was just part of a beta test of next weeks e4-Rover Challenge at EclipseCon, and this is pretty cool stuff. The NASA and e4 teams have clearly been working hard on this. I suspect it's going to become a major distraction for a lot of people next week.

Here's the best part - if I can do it - I can only imagine what you can do with it. And I'm not just talking about getting the instructions and doing a basic run around. I was just hacking around e4 for the first time, adding new controls, writing a lag management API (lag is part of the game, remember - you're controlling something on Mars!) Impressive stuff all around.

Now, where did I put that Prolog-Java code I once had, and can I hook it up to the telemetry API...

Hmmmm, I'm thinking I might not be eligible for the Grand Prize trip to NASA JPL, but it would still be good to teach the whippersnappers a thing or two...

- Don


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