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Friday, October 20, 2006

Colorado Software Summit

So, I've said it before, and before that, and I'll say it again - Colorado Software Summit is the best Software conference I've ever been too. It's small, remote, in a great setting and attracts a great group of people. Moreover, Wayne and Peggy Kovsky have managed to keep the conference virtually "marketing free" for almost a decade. I realize this blog is a little too late to convince you to go if you aren't already, but seriously - put it on your calendar for next year.

For those who are signed up, we're planning an informal "Eclipse 5th Birthday" kick-off on Thursday night at the Tenderfoot lounge after Mike's keynote (should wrap up around 7:45). Anyone is welcome, just drop us a line (email is on the Birthday page). Cake and beers (and sodas) will be on tap.

If you're in the Denver/Boulder area, you're more than welcome to join us although I admit it's a heck of a hike for free cake and beer, but maybe worth the great chance to socialize with some fellow Eclipser's.

- Don


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