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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

EclipseCon day 2 keynote - Validation of an idea from Greg Stein of Apache

As I blogged before, one of my favorite conferences is the Colorado Software Summit. Wayne Kovsky has nailed the right mix of quality people, content, location and "marketing free" attitude. Unfortunately, leaving Oracle and focusing on business development at Eclipse has kind of left me in a bit of a bind - I can't in good concious submit sessions on the technologies that I've moved on from. However, after mulling it around back in January, and seeing a session from Cliff Schmidt at Apache on "open source licensing", I started to think it might be cool to submit a talk about Open Source Licensing and focusing on issues that matter to fellow developers.

There are lots of issues around Open Source licensing and lots of different license models and objectives. Developers are often pitted against managers and enter into online flame wars with other developers without having an appreciation of some of the wacky issues many companies face.

Greg's keynote today has solidified my opinion that this is an important and cool subject for developers. Greg opened the keynote with a fantastic 10 minute overview of the major kinds of software licenses, and the role each license has in industry. Validation of an idea is cool.

- Don


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