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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spring and Accenture -- Don't overlook the importance of this announcement...

In the bizzaro world of Java One where Sun decided they're going to go head-on with Ajax, Flash, and Silverlight it would be easy to overlook this quiet announcement from Accenture and Interface21 (Spring). Basically, Accenture and Interface21 announced the "Spring Batch" project which is a framework and programming model to support long running repetitive tasks.

The project is cool technology and I have heard through the grapevine that it screams with scalability. But I don't think that's why this is important...

From my perspective this is a great early example of a coming wave of "verticalization" of Open Source Software. It's great to see System Integrators like Accenture showing leadership in Open Source by contributing to projects like the Spring Framework. I believe we're going to start to see more system integrators become more involved in open source projects, and we're going to start to see open source involvement and leadership from large vertically focused organizations (think shipping, retail, banking, etc).

Edit: Detailed comments from Wayne Lund from Accenture:

- Don


  • At 2:34 PM, Blogger Alberto said…

    I don't want to start an argument here, but...a lot of people do not see 'batch' and 'Java' in the same sentence. Java belongs to the interactive world, and embeded C/COBOL belong to the batch world. It is perhaps one of the reasons that explains the low profile on the announcement. Is Spring switching to ProC? I don't think so


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