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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Best Open Source Business Presentation Ever? Is Software Comoditization Real?

I am just starting to recover from the last two weeks of EclipseCon, Evans Developer Relations Conference and my four month old daughter's first cold. Lot's of emails to catch up on, but at least I haven't suffered a catastrophic laptop failure like Ian had to put up with last week!

Just in case you otherwise missed it, one of the most talked about sessions at EclipseCon this year was Brent Williams talk on Open Source Business Models. Brent also spoke at the members meeting earlier in the week, and his talks were picked up by a number of industry bloggers like Walli, Asay, Tiemann, and Orcmid. Heck, it was even slash dotted. I won't even attempt to summarize Brent's points, you need to see the slides yourself.

- Don


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