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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

An Ironic Bug

Just came accross an ironic bug that made me chuckle.

Klocwork submitted their Gold Sponsor talk into EclipseZilla and the title is "Good Developers, Bad Bugs; What Gives?" Looks like a great talk, I can't wait to hear how Good Developers could possibly have Bad Bugs! Here is how it looked in EclipseZilla:

And here is how it looks at's Session Outline page:

Seems that semi-colons are not appreciated by EclipseZilla :) Looks like the speakers of this session have proven their point to an extreme. After this, I wouldn't miss this talk for the world.

- Don

PS - How is this "ironic"? Don't forget, I'm Canadian.


  • At 12:06 PM, Blogger Doug Schaefer said…

    BTW, EclipseZilla sucks. I've had nothing but trouble with it. I have to log in 10 times to make changes. I'll whine more over beers at the Hyatt.


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