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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

EclipseCon T minus 11... A Redesigned Exhibit Hall

Based on feeedback from exhibitors and participants, there have been many changes to the Exhibit hall this year.

First, There is now a clearly defined aisle bisecting the hall horizontally and vertically through the hall to give it a less cluttered feeling and to give better sight lines. Many exhibitors opted to take fewer pedestals this year (in exchange for credits to use for other sponsor activities), so that has helped us achieve an overall less cluttered feeling too.

We are planning to open up the back of the registration area and blend it into the exhibit hall. There will be a meeting area (where posters were last year) with power supply for laptops and it's going to be known as the "Cloudsmith Power-up Lounge".

The Open Source Pavilion is only going to be a half day this year (Tuesday from 2pm-8pm) instead of running the entire exhibitor hours - this not only afforded us more space (the OSP will have temporary 6-foot tables instead of full peds), but it gives the OSP participants more time to attend the sessions, BOFs and otherwise network at the show. The Exhibitor reception will be similar to last year running from 6pm-8pm on Tuesday night.

Lunch will be in the same room as last year, but one difference will be desert - there will be an entrance from the lunch hall into the back of the exhibit hall where you'll be able to find desert and have a chance to eat sweets whilst browsing.

- Don


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