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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Be an EclipseCon Friend, pass it on! Win a shirt!

You may have noticed the Eclipse Foundation is in the annual full-blitz mode around promoting EclipseCon 2007. Not only do we run EclipseCon to break even, but we also try really hard to keep registration fees low. To show how successful we are at that, consider this -- attending EclipseCon is one third the cost of Java One (and is the same duration). To keep costs low, we rely heavily on the ecosystem to spread the word about EclipseCon.

We might be doing a good job at reaching you, but we could really use some help reaching out to your friends and community. To help spread the word, there are a lot of different promotional graphics you can use that have been specially designed to fit various layouts.

Check out the "Friends of EclipseCon" page. Spruce up your blog templates and signatures. Ask your web team to give us some coverage on your web site. Are you about to send out a newsletter to your customers? Show your support and invite them to EclipseCon. Altruism not a good enough reason? Ok - when you do something cool, large or small, to help us promote EclipseCon, send us an email at and let us know. Between now and EclipseCon we'll have a couple draws for shirts to give a few lucky people in appreciation.

- Don


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