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Monday, January 15, 2007

Eclipse Training Working Goup Survey

Over Christmas the Eclipse Training Working Group ran a survey to better understand the needs and wants of the Eclipse community. The results of the survey can be found here.

I'm always overwhelmed by the number of respondents when we run surveys like this. I told Mike Taylor that this survey was too long and no one would fill it out, and it turned out I was wrong almost 500 times over :)

There is some pretty good demographic information (of people who filled out the survey), and some good nuggets of information. For example, over 30% of respondents feel a lack of training is hindering the growth of their team. I was surprised by how strongly technical books were valued as a method of learning (I'm not much of a book-guy). Not surprising that Java and J2EE focused training was what was most sought after, but Modeling was a close 3rd. As a platform, deployment training was most sought with RCP App development close behind. 77% of respondents say they have budget or are able to spend money for good training.

The five winners of Eclipse shirts were:
  • Howell Lee
  • Lubos Pochman who works for Insightful's InFact project and uses MyEclipse. Lubos is also currently working on extending Mylar to support CodeBeamer!
  • Kevin Fowler, who works at the San Diego Supercomputer Center developing applications to support cutting-edge research in Earthquake engineering.
  • Chris McIvoy, who works for the architecture firm TVSA and says he's really getting a lot of value out of Mylar right now.
  • Feng Linquing who is out of Zhejiang University is a student in biomedical engineering.
Great selection of winners, thanks to everyone who filled out the survey.

- Don



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