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Saturday, February 17, 2007

EclipseCon T minus 14... Peripheral Activities

For most people the start of EclipseCon is still over two weeks away, but for me it starts in just fourteen days because of some early meetings! There are lots of Eclipse activities around the periphery of EclipseCon such as the Committer Bootcamp on Sunday March 4th, Ajax working group meeting on the 5th, Members Meeting and new member introduction also on the 5th. Not to mention the countless sidebars (all puns intended) that happen as I try to catch up with some of the new members of the recent quarter who will be there like Tibco, Brocade, compeople, OpenMethods, Prosyst, Cloudsmith, etc.

A special public thanks in advance to my wife (who I know reads my blog regularly despite not being in tech) -- who will be looking after our three month old for the 12 days that I'm away!

- Don


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