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Thursday, August 09, 2007

LinuxWorld Update and writing my first Mobile App!

Things are going pretty well at LinuxWorld. In summary, the conference itself seems to soft in attendance, the events and things surrounding the conference (like the exhibit hall) seem to be rocking.

On Tuesday, ACCESS (formerly PalmSource) hosted a developer day showing off their Linux platform and also their developer tool chain based on - of course - Eclipse.

Yesterday, Motorola also hosted a developer day and formally launched MOTODEV Studio. I was lucky enough to snag a new MOTORAZR v8 earlier in the week and wrote my first Mobile app for it. MOTODEV studio is based on - Eclipse of course. The MOTORAZR v8 is Motorola's new Linux based platform.

Today I'll be checking out the Wind River developer day and tools for their Linux platform -- guess what it's based on? :)

- Don


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