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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

ESE Underway

Eclipse Summit Europe 2007

Eclipse Summit Europe is off to a great start. Unfortuntaely, double the attendees we expected showed up for the Symposia today, and so the local catering team is desparately trying to come up with a double lunch order. I'm predicting a lot of pasta today.

The compeople booth is setup already and there is a teaser on the Riena Project -- which is looking like a really cool and innovative project. I remember saying lots of times last year "Wouldn't it be really freaking cool if you could decide where to deploy RCP apps transparently after they were developed - as either a fat client, over the web, or mobile?"

Thanks to all the sponsors who made this event another great success. Here are a couple of the BandXI guys - up bright and early.

- Don


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