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Monday, January 11, 2010

New Membership Options for Small Organizations

I have some good news for existing and prospective members in the Eclipse Foundation who are from small organizations, start ups, etc. The board has approved a change to the Solutions Membership Dues for organizations with Annual Corporate Revenues less than $1 million and not more than ten employees or contractors on staff to be $1,500. Previously, the lowest membership option available was $5,000.

We'll be promoting this a bit more later in the month with a couple other programs we're working on, but I just wanted to give a heads up to those who may be interested!

- Don


  • At 2:40 PM, Blogger Miles Parker said…

    Hey, that's fantastic. This actually makes membership a reasonable (though not insignificant) option for really small organizations like mine. It's now less than a single developer seat for Visual Studio. ;) Don, will this confer any benefits to organizations in terms of being able to provide sponsoring logos, corporate information,etc.. on project contribution websites, or allowing contributors to be listed as employees of member organizations or does that come at a higher level of support?

  • At 2:34 AM, Blogger Its_Me_Malai said…

    Hey Donald

    Thats a Gr8 Move from the Eclipse Foundation. ANCIT is definitely back on board. Something that i have been waiting for ... This definitely would give a lot of opportunity to companies like us from ASIA to join the Group.

    Carry on the good work ...

  • At 8:35 AM, Blogger Donald Smith said…

    @miles -- It is indeed for Solutions Membership, a full voting class of membership and designed for organizations selling products and services with Eclipse. A number of projects do allow promotion of participating members on their pages, and logo use would definitely depend on membership.

  • At 1:55 AM, Blogger 方大同Kevin said…

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  • At 2:36 PM, Blogger tiger said…

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