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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eclipse Government Day and Eclipse Enterprise Days

We're organizing two events this fall in Reston, VA. Reston has the convenience of being a mere 15 minutes from Dulles (IAD) airport.

The first event is Eclipse in Government Day. This event is for individuals working for, or contracting with, Government agencies and departments. This is where I could use your help -- if you happen to have any friends or colleagues that are using Eclipse in Government, please do forward a link to the event wiki page or to this blog. This event takes place on Tuesday, October 12th.

The second event is Eclipse in the Enterprise Days. This is a 2 day event (ending 3pm on second day to give people a chance to catch dinner time flights out) and is focused on IT, Architect and Development manager individuals who are responsible for Eclipse in Organizations with hundreds, or even thousands of developers. The agenda on this event is still quite fluid and I have a few folks representing the enterprise helping me shape out the content -- if you have content suggestions, and/or are able to speak yourself, please do let us know! Details are on the events page. This event is Wednesday/Thursday October 13th, 14th.

- Don


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