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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What should we do with Eclipse bug 145030?

We had a meeting of Phoenix developers today and the question was raised about what to do regarding bug 145030. We take bugs like this very seriously - we agree that there is ambiguity on the term "Eclipse", but aren't sure that being specific every single time is the right approach. For example, if we compare Eclipse, as an IDE, to other IDE's, do we need to really single it out by saying "as an IDE", or does it get tired? Or do we single it out by project, saying "Eclipse SDK" or "Eclipse Platform Project"?

This is a great problem to have. The term "Eclipse" has significant meaning as a platform, an open source project, an ecosystem, a development environment for Java, J2EE, C++, PHP, Ruby, a modeling environment, a business intelligence and reporting environment, and much, much more.

Ian kicked off the pillars of Eclipse which serves as a good terminology framework for each of us to clarify "which Eclipse" you're talking about - but is it necessary? Can we rely on context?

- Don


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