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Monday, May 15, 2006

Eclipse Career Metrics May 15

Demand for Eclipse skills continues to grow rapidly. reports today are 822 jobs seeking Eclipse skills, up from 490 to start the year. JDeveloper is at 118, up from 95 to start the year. IntelliJ is up to 37 after starting the year at 27. Netbeans is up to 39 from 30 six weeks ago, but down from 41 at the start of the year.

MS "Visual Studio" is up on the year after showing a couple months on weakness. It stands at 1474 from 1378.

It's interesting to break down the stats within certain technologies. For example, Eclipse is the clear platform of choice for SWING development. 675 job posts mention Swing. Of those, 93 are also seeking Eclipse skills, 3 are seeking JDeveloper, 2 are seeking IntelliJ and 7 are seeking NetBeans.

When you look at more recent technologies like AJAX, the numbers are even more in Eclipse's favor. Of the 630 job postings mentioning AJAX, 51 mention Eclipse, none mention JDeveloper, 4 mention IntelliJ and 2 mention NetBeans.

- Don


  • At 9:54 AM, Blogger RayShade said…

    This information gives me sense, like "those who uses Eclipse are so poorly productive that it takes about 500 Eclipse developers to do the same job as 5 people with IntelliJ IDEA".


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