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Monday, May 01, 2006

My TV came with a GPL License?!

I splurged and picked up a 50" Sony SXRD a couple weeks ago and have been immensly enjoying the NHL Playoffs in HD (including the upset victory by the Oilers over the Wings!)

The biggest surprise with the TV, however, was the fact that when I opened the box there was a bright-red sticker screaming "READ THIS" on a cellophane wrapped document. Inside the wrapper was a 4 pager titled "REQUIRED PUBLIC STATEMENT FOR GPL/LGPL LICENSED SOFTWARE USED IN THIS TELEVISION". True to the spirit of GPL, the GPL/LGPL code used in the TV (with mods) is available for download at

Should be good fodder for the Colorado Software Summit this fall, as I will be giving a session on Open Source Licensing for Developers.

So if I sell the TV at some point, am I obligated to include the license? Or what are my obligations if I update the firmware myself (which is possible on this TV :)

- Don


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