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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Eclipse buzz at MySQL UC

Last night at the Exhibitor's reception Matt and I were asked several times - "I've heard so much about Eclipse this week. What is it?"

It got me thinking - the audiences I usually interact with pretty much always know alot about Eclipse, usually more than I do. But the MySQL UC has a more diverse audience than I'm used to (it's not all Java developers, there's a lot of PHP developers, DB Admins, people who do a lot of reporting, hardware gurus, ERP/CRM apps users, etc).

So, where did the Eclipse buzz come from? It was mentioned in the keynotes, and Tim O'Reilly included the Eclipse logo with the LAMP logos (with the Apache feather, Perl camel, Linix Penguin, etc). Maybe he should call it the AMPLE stack :). But I think it's really because of the pervasiveness of Eclipse in all the sessions - such as Gavin King's SEAM demo, Scott Ambler's Agile talk including agile database content contributions to the Eclipse Framework Project, Andi's PHP demo, Krishna's BIRT demo, Jim's talk about Open Source Tools for MySQL Development (lots on Eclipse plugins), Max's talk about JSF and Ajax (with Eclipse) for MySQL Development, etc.

- Don


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