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Friday, March 24, 2006

From EclipseCon to The Server Side Symposium

As if I hadn't had enough receptions and networking events last week at EclipseCon, I went straight to The Server Side Symposium being held in Sunny Las Vegas which ran from Thursday through the weekend.

This was the first year that I noticed booths at The Server Side symposium, and it was great to see a number of different companies demoing their products that are built on Eclipse. The one that really stuck in my mind was Adobe Flex Builder 2.0 beta. Some seriously flashy (all puns intended) stuff is easily created with that tool. Gavin King had a session on Seam running in, of course, Eclipse. The Oracle team was on hand to talk about Dali too.

I vaguely recall playing Jeopardy and winning a USB key at an Oracle reception one night. Everyone kept saying "Merry Christmas" to me the next day, and I can't remember why. ;)

Gee... Did I actually leave EclipseCon, or did we just move the party to Vegas when I wasn't looking!!! :-)

- Don


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