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Friday, October 19, 2007

Off to Colorado Software Summit

I'll be at Colorado Software Summit next week -- if you're going to be there, drop me a line. It's one of my favorite events each year, lots of great content and absolutely commercial free.

Eclipse talks scheduled include Developing an Eclipse Plugin by Paul Tremblett, and Eclipse Java Persistence Platform: The Full Monty and Eclipse JPA: Getting Chocolate in the Peanut Butter by Doug Clarke. Plus there's talks from Eclipse members Google, Iona, RedHat and Oracle.

And of course the annual bonus where Simon Phipps makes thinly veiled slags against Eclipse that the audience confuses it as internal SUN criticism. Like last year when he insinuated Eclipse had a "diseased governance model" but everyone assumed he was talking about SUN's plans for Java. Or maybe he actually was self effacing SUN and I am too paranoid :) This years "A Straw Model for the Future of Open Source" should be a treat :)

- Don


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