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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Can you help promote EclipseCon, because apparently I'm too obtuse

Man am I embarassed.

I just did a keynote session at the STAR meeting at the NADA conferece about what makes Eclipse work and Eclipse as a platform for Innovation. I think it went over well and I even managed to pull out some Gena Gershon material and sort of made it work, I feel vindicated (long story and I am digressing).

But as I was about to start the keynote, someone from OMG said "you're going to plug EclipseCon I assume?". DUH, no, I had not thought to plug EclipseCon because I am obtuse (or as Bjorn would say, I am a constant source of disappointment).

I put in a plug for EclipseCon and sure enough a couple people in the audience tweaked on their love of CDT and said they plan to register.

So -- Are you helping to promote EclipseCon? Especially to audiences you might not think of (like Automobile Retail Software folks)? Just grab a graphic from the friends page, throw it on a slide and let people outside our usual suspects know about the event!

- Don


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