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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Take Note: EclipseCon is FOUR days...

EclipseCon has always been a four day event, but this year I feel like it needs to be said in bold italic - EclipseCon is *four* days!

The EclipseCon schedule is posted, you can see the outline for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Note that we're working to put in more details and more search/view options online over the coming days and weeks so that by the time you arrive at EclipseCon you'll have lots of ways to decide how best to allocate your time.

Here are some key things to notice:
  • Tutorials and Regular Sessions are both available each day this year. So don't plan to blow in late on Monday or you're going to miss some great stuff.
  • Get lots of rest the week before. Tutorials and keynotes start at 9am each day, and the last BOF / Unconference (details on that later in February) time will end about 9:15pm. Factor in the receptions and breakfasts, and activities like running, and you had better be prepared! And of course, the official end-of-night meeting spot is the Hyatt Bar ;)
  • There's more good stuff to come! There are still sponsored sessions, more sessions, more keynotes, BOF and Unconference time -- more more more!!

- Don


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