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Thursday, February 04, 2010

What I'm doing Monday of EclipseCon

I've got my Monday all mapped out (don't forget, the full conference starts early Monday morning!) - and it's all about OSGi and eclipseRT.

First, I'm checking out Paul VanderLei and gang's "Working with OSGi" tutorial, maybe popping in and out as I do some new-member jumpstarts.

After lunch, I'm heading to a interesting looking series of talks -- Apache Aries, Eclipse Gemini and finally an overview of the Eclipse Virgo Project. Hopefully all the speakers stick around to the break for some Q&A.

After the break, I'm going to jump in on some lightning talks - first a couple on SWT, then SOA. Depending on what Microsoft has planned, I might pop in there for a bit and finish off with one of the panels (Panels will be posted on the schedule Monday!)

After that, it's off to the Member and Committer reception, sponsored by our friends at Oracle! Oh, and the community awards ceremony will be there as well!

Rest up, it's going to be a busy week.

- Don


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