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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Don't download Eclipse...


Check out the Eclipse members download page instead! A number of members are hosting downloads of various Eclipse projects and bundles and providing some cool stuff.

BEA is hosting downloads of some pretty cool bundles, plus is providing bandwidth on Akamai.

IBM is hosting a couple of cool bundles with a Java EE and Modeling focus.

Innopract (Yoxos) is hosting an "On Demand" Eclipse builder where you can actually dynamically pick and choose which plugins you'd like put into your download bundle.

nexB has a number of cool bundles that focus on different tech roles like Mobile dev, PHP, Ruby, Python and lots more.

Weigle Wiliczek
(formerly iMedic) is hosting servers in Russia and Germany.

There is some really cool stuff there, check it out!

- Don